Download Grand Theft Auto 3 v1.8 Apk Mod Unlimited Money

Download Grand Theft Auto 3 is a mobile version of the classic action Rockstar Games, which was released to celebrate the game's tenth anniversary.

Grand Theft Auto 3 platform will take users to Liberty City, a city full of mystery and crime, a city that offers users a wide world where users can move freely and do anything they want, interact with all the surrounding elements and meet with all kinds crazy character.

What is the story behind Grand Theft Auto online?

Game maniacs are certainly familiar with the Grand Theft Auto liberty city stories and more, right? This is a fairly old game and has become a favorite of many people, especially those who do use PS.

The story begins with a bank robbery, in which the main actor is betrayed. From here the action-packed story introduces users to gangsters, criminals and other criminals.

What a thrilling street life! Users will feel the harshness of life while acting to survive and do everything they can!

Adrenaline rises and it feels like you really are in a hard and rocky world. Moreover, the threats are really real: the police, fellow criminals, and so on at Grand Theft Auto vice city, Grand Theft Auto san Andreas, and so on.

Believe me, users will not move from a comfortable position to play the game until the game is over. Especially with the mobile version, users do not have to constantly be in front of a computer or television screen.

Take GTA wherever the user is located. The mobile version is even lighter and better for anyone to play with!

Grand Theft Auto feature

This game is so amazing! There are many features of GTA that can be enjoyed and will be better in this version than other versions!
  • Stunning updated graphics, characters and vehicle models
  • HD quality resolution
  • Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
  • Platform control for mobile devices
  • Based on a series of action buttons (for taking pictures, running fast, entering a car, punching, etc.) and the ability to look around by moving a finger on the screen, the controls can be adjusted according to the device. users switch to analog or even tilt-based steering if the user likes.
  • Countless gameplay

Excellence Game Grand Theft Auto Edition 3

In the Liberty City version after the Grand Theft Auto vice city stories mobile, there are several updates:
  • Users can use a motorbike
  • The character graphics, the environment in the game, the effects of light and shading make this game look even more interesting
  • The camera has been updated so that it functions smoothly on the touch screen.

Download Grand Theft Auto 3

For optimal performance the user can reboot the device after downloading and closing other applications while playing Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Auto 3 can be downloaded directly here. The advantage of downloading GTA here is a variety of paid features that can be enjoyed free of charge. Of course this is good news while waiting for the appearance of the latest Grand Theft Auto.

Click on the Grand Theft Auto 3 link apk free download

Grand Theft Auto 3 Download it
Size 12MB + 674MB

How to play

Here's a little picture in playing this game, quoted from the Grand Theft Auto 3 wikia page:
  • Mission

At the beginning of the game, users can only explore a part of the city called Portland. If the mission is complete, then the player's turn to enter another city.

In carrying out the mission the user can fail due to various things (run out of time, die or be caught by the police). If it fails the user can still repeat. This is the same since Grand Theft Auto 2.
  • Vigilante

What is the Vigilante mission? Vigilante is when a player becomes 'good-hearted', meaning that if he can get in and drive an apparatus vehicle, then he can get more points by catching the bad guys on the radio report.

However, make no mistake. This does not really make the user so good because after capturing more than 60 criminals eating players can get bribe money and remove themselves from wanted level.
  • Paramedics

So good the other way: the paramedic team. When entering the ambulance then take the patient to the hospital. Twelve patients who were transported meant additional stamina, life, adrenaline, and so on.
  • Firefighter

The user must be able to put out the fire. Extinguish the fire more than sixty times then get a powerful weapon and help the game.
  • Taxi driver

Want to get a free car that can be easily driven, then drive a car like a taxi, between passengers as much as 100 times.
  • Wanted Level

Users have Wanted Levels between 0 and 6. This depends on the number of people and officials killed. The higher the greater the point but the greater also the wanted level.
  • Hidden Package

Every time you collect 10 users will get a gun, after 100 users will get a launcher rocket.

GTA Game Requirements 3

The excitement of GTA 3 is beyond doubt. However, there are many things to consider before playing GTA:
  • After downloading the link in the link above, there are still other game package downloads, so prepare enough quota.
  • Some graphics are not recommended for sufferers of anxiety, especially graphics that contain scenes of violence
  • This game is not a serious game. Everything in it cannot be imitated by users, let alone scenes like murder.
This game contains adult scenes, parents are expected to realize that this is not for young players. Ages over 17 years are allowed to download the Grand Theft Auto application. If not, you should not because the mentality of minors who can not distinguish between right and wrong.

How nice to play GTA. All will be hooked and if the user is old enough then this is an interesting gilm to increase agility and hone the logic of the users. Especially dealing with real street problems without mercy, so thrilling isn't it for all users?

Now that users know, let's help Claude Speed to become the most respected villain in Liberty City by downloading Grand Theft Auto 3. Feel the excitement right now and don't forget to look forward to Grand Theft Auto IV which will definitely have more features and a more rocky experience!
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7ApkMod File Size 12.95MB
A much better option is to download a modded apk that has everything unlimited with all the features. This mod with a little variation is known as Unlimited Everything mod.