Download Vortex Mod APK Free Latest Version 2020

Playing games has become a very exciting thing to fill our free time every day, especially if we play PC games that have high graphics quality, certainly very exciting and it feels like to linger in front of the monitor screen, but what will happen if we don't have a PC ? You can refer to the Vortex Mod APK article which I will discuss in this article.

as we know, to be able to play PC games, you also need to have a device with high specifications so that the games can be played smoothly, so what if we don't have the PC? but want to play PC games every day? the answer is to use the Vortex Cloud Gaming application that I will share this time.
Vortex Cloud Gaming is an application that we can use to play PC games through Android phones for free, with this application we can play PC games like PUBG, GTA 5, Dota 2 etc. without the need to download the game first.

How can you play PC games on Android? and also don't need to download the game first?
Okay I explain how this one application works, Vortex Mod APK can be used to play PC games with the RDP connection method (remote desktop connection) , meaning we are like controlling a PC remotely with the help of an adequate internet connection.

So that you can play PC games smoothly using the Vortex Cloud Gaming application this time, make sure your internet data connection speed is above 1Mbps and it must be stable, gengs.

vortex mod apk cloud gaming apk

Download Vortex Mod APK

Application Name Vortex Cloud Gaming
Current Version 1.0.251
Updated October 24, 2019
File Size 8MB
Offered by RemoteMyApp

Vortex Mod APK Features

Vortex Mod is a mainstay application for some people who like to play PC gamers and want to experience the experience of playing PC games using Android for free, this application can be used on almost all the latest versions of Android to the latest.

For smooth PC game play with this application, you only need to pay attention to the speed of the internet connection that is used, because if your internet connection is very slow (slow), you can be sure to be very disruptive when playing smoothly, so make sure your internet connection has speeds above 1Mbps.
  • Play PC games for free.
  • Play PC games without the need to download first.
  • Can be connected to an Android TV.
  • Play PC games through an android mobile.
Now above are some of the features that you will get when using the Vortex mod APK application, then I will share how to use this application so you all know how to use it.

How to Play PC Games with the Vortex Cloud Gaming Application

Well for those of you who don't know how to use this application, don't worry because I will explain it in full detail with pictures, so look carefully at the steps below.

1. Open the Vortex Mod that you have installed.
Until the first page, please immediately find what PC game you want to play, then click> the game icon .

2. After that will go into the details of the game.
To start playing PC games using Vortex Cloud Gaming, you just click on > Play this game .

How to Install Vortex Mod APK on Android

For you android users and don't know how to install the Vortex Cloud Gaming Mod APK app, please refer to the way below.

Vortex Mod Apk
7ApkMod File Size 8.95MB
A much better option is to download a modded apk that has everything unlimited with all the features. This mod with a little variation is known as Unlimited Everything mod.

Make sure you have enabled Unknown Sources on the respective Android settings as shown below.
Please enter: Settings > Security> Device Administration> then check the Unknown Sources section .
  1. Download the application via the link above
  2. Open the file that has been downloaded and installed
  3. Wait until the install process is complete
  4. If so, open and run the application
Until here you have successfully used the application to play PC games through Android, so many articles about Vortex Mod APK for free without paying, hopefully useful and see you in my next article.