Download Afterpulse - Elite Army 2.7.5 (Full) Apk + Data

For those of you who like shooting or fighting games, try downloading and playing Afterpulse Elite Army apk.

This game, developed by Digital Legends Entertainment, features shootouts between warriors, such as Counter-Strike and Point Blank.

In a way, Afterpulse apk is an alternative to Point Blank that can be played on mobile devices. The gameplay is also similar to Point Blank and Counter-Strike.

In this game, players will be deployed directly into the crossfire along with his teammates to bulldoze the opposing team.

If you want to get an overview of the game Afterpulse Elite Army, please read the information in this article until it runs out. At the end of the article, a link to download Afterpulse Elite Army apk will also be provided. Come on, read right away!

Afterpulse Gameplay

It has been explained briefly before, the gameplay of Afterpulse mod apk is similar to Point Blank or Counter-Strike. The player is tasked with controlling the character who has been equipped with bulletproof clothes and also various types of firearms.

In this game, players will not find a background story or a special mission, which is presented the only action shooting between soldiers who feel very fast, smooth, and also full of tension.
Players are required to be vigilant throughout the game, with a duration that lasts every five minutes for each session.

Afterpulse mod apk

In Afterpulse Elite Army apk, there are two multiplayer game modes, namely Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch. Both of these modes will expose players to be able to crush as many enemies as possible.

For Team Deathmatch, players will be placed into team battles 4 against 4 and for the other one, Deathmatch is as an individual.

All battles in this multiplayer mode are completely randomly set with other players who are online.


The control scheme via virtual buttons on the touch screen is relied upon in this game.
That way, the movement of characters when fighting or in gun control, is all done through buttons, virtual symbols on the screen, or analog sticks.

The character can be controlled freely using a virtual analog stick located on the left screen.
As for the right side of the screen, there are buttons that are useful for refilling rifles, throwing grenades, and aiming and shooting at opponents.

Afterpulse Elite Army has been supported by the use of an external controller so that if the player feels uncomfortable controlling the game using the touch screen, the player can connect it to the controller via a Bluetooth connection.

Display of Afterpulse Elite Army Mod Apk

Afterpulse Elite Army apk offers awesome graphics. The developer has presented a display that utilizes the full support of metal infrastructure specifically Apple devices.

That way, the picture presented is fairly sharp and bright.
On mobile devices, the shooting action presented by the game is quite exciting, especially when viewed at 60 fps.

In addition, the sound effects presented can give a real impression on this Afterpulse Elite Army game. Players will be able to distinguish different sounds from a submachine gun, sniper rifle, and also shotgun.

Players can also hear the footsteps of the approaching enemy. This, of course, can help players to anticipate the presence of nearby enemies.

If you're curious, don't delay to download Afterpulse Elite Army and play now!

Download Afterpulse Elite Army Apk Obb

If you are interested in downloading and playing it, this game can be downloaded on official platforms, such as Google Play Store or App Store.

However, there are some features that are locked and can only be opened by subscribing or paying.
For example, qualified weapons, or grenades, for example, to directly win the match.
If you want to play it completely free, just download the Afterpulse Elite Army apk. Here is a link to download the Afterpulse Elite Army game.

Download the Apkpulse Elite Army Apkpure Download it
Size 11MB + 1.39GB
Updated January 16, 2020

Given the very large application, then make sure the phone does have enough space alias space.
Keep in mind that opening Afterpulse with other heavy applications can cause your phone to become hotter.
This 1.6 GB size includes packages so there is no download process.

The advantages of Afterpulse Games

What are the advantages of Afterpulse games that make many people fall in love? Here are the things that are considered positive from Afterpulse.
  • Very exciting and addictive game
  • The background of the game is so real, it really complements the game in progress
  • So smooth when moving the shotgun
  • A game that has to be played with strategy
  • Vary choice of weapons
  • Very challenging and fun stages
  • Sounds that are very convincing make the game more easily animated. Use handsfree for a more pleasant experience
With the advantages above, it's not surprising that this game gets a lot of downloads.

Lack of Afterpulse Game

It must be admitted that this game also has some shortcomings. These deficiencies include the following:
  • Ads often come to the game. This makes the game sometimes so annoying.
  • Afterpulse games are also pretty heavy on some types of phones. For example, cell phones with low RAM. Make the shooting experience a little annoying if the phone is not of high specifications
  • It must be online, so this game consumes a little bit of game data
  • In some places, the game sometimes disconnects, so the user must repeat the application first. And some things may disappear, for example, the stage we have achieved before.

Afterpulse Review on Play Store

Reviews given by users vary. There are positive reviews, there are negative reviews. In general, the dominant review is a positive review.
On the Play Store, Afterpulse's review reached 4.4 with downloaders totaling up to one million downloads.

Afterpulse reviews mostly compliment this very real game. The shots are very interesting and trigger adrenaline. The weapons are also very convincing.

What about negative reviews? Like games in general, this one also has a negative review. Negative reviews usually focus on games that crash frequently.

In addition, negative reviews are also present because users feel that the game often downloads data. Making users wasteful of data because of that sort of thing.
Afterpulse's name on the Play Store varies depending on the country where the user is downloading. Instead of guessing, users can download directly from the application provided above.

Tips for Winning Afterpulse Games

How do you win this KMK? It all depends on the strategy being played.
If a user plays this game, then the user must know the terrain first. It all starts with habits. Initially, the user must grope first in order to know how the rhythm of this one game.

Important but often overlooked: look at the tutorial carefully. Users often ignore existing tutorials. In fact, the tutorial is important for winning this fight.

Understanding the tutorial makes the user so aware of the functions of weapons, as well as how to make strategies so that opponents lose.

In addition, by using the OBB version of Afterpulse as uploaded above, users can have a lot of potentials to win.

Users can immediately use some locked features. For example, more sophisticated weapons, safety, and so on.

Also, when playing, make sure the data is in top condition. Because disconnect suddenly is annoying.
Playing this game can be free time to relieve pain.

Afterpulse Elite Army apk can also be a means to channel your hobby about shooting without hurting anyone and the advantage is that players can feel the game running like real.

Afterpulse - Elite Army Mod
7ApkMod File Size 11MB
A much better option is to download a modded apk that has everything unlimited with all the features. This mod with a little variation is known as to Unlimited Everything mod.

Afterpulse - Elite Army Mod OBB
7ApkMod File Size 1.4GB
A much better option is to download a modded apk that has everything unlimited with all the features. This mod with a little variation is known as to Unlimited Everything mod.