Download Clash of Lords: Guild Castle v1.0.447 Apk + Mod + Data

After a day of work, you must be tired and need refeshing, right? Clash Of Lords Apk is very well suited to accompany the user's free time.

Clash of Lords has been played by many users. Not only gamers, this game has already attracted the attention of all people ranging from children to adults.

This is due to several things, one of which is Clash of Lords Mod is very fun to play. Curious?
Actually keep in mind too, if Clash of Lords also has a myriad of advantages and interesting features that can be felt by players.

Now, rather than curious about the features and advantages possessed by Clash of Lords, after this we will gladly discuss clearly about Clash of Lords in full.

Listen carefully, yes. Understand correctly, so you can maximize the game and be number one.

Reviews of Clash of Lords

Clash of Lords is a game successfully released by Internet Gaming Gate. This team has succeeded in creating a game that is challenging and captivating.

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Clash of Lords is a game that is suitable for devices with an Android platform. So, for android users immediately download and install this application.

Clash of Lords is a fighting game. Players will fight with several monsters.

The flow of Clash of Lords

In the game Clash Of Lords Mod Apk, when you first start the game, players will be exposed to limited buildings to be developed and managed properly.

The process of attacking the Clash of Lords is to destroy all buildings in the village. Even better, players will build this village to make a very strong fortress to protect from enemies.

Not only that, the player also has a tower that is used to shoot the attackers. All defenses are complete, right?

In this game, players will be invited to bring out their best power to defeat the enemy. Totally unexpected, the enemy has a very strong and frightening power.

For this reason, players are required to put out their best performance and control the best possible action. Become the greatest knight in all parts of the country.

Arrange the best strategy and bring out all the fighting abilities. Show the hardest blow to destroy the enemy.

Players must be able to survive with conditions like this. Clash of Lords is right for the top real-time game.

Clash of Lords features

It can't be denied if Clash Of Lords Apk Pure has the best features. These features will later enhance your game.

In various ways, the development team tried hard to make players comfortable playing Clash of Lords with the facilities in it.

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In this section, the features of the Clash of Lord App will be explained clearly and completely. Do not let users not know the usefulness of its features.

Oh yes, every deadline that has been determined by the development team, the features of Clash of Lords are always undergoing renewal. Very cool, right?

Read carefully, yes. In order to understand deeply the features of Clash of Lords.

Gameplay Mode

Clash of Lord has PvE and PvP modes. Players can use these modes as much as possible.

The first gamplay mode is Hero Stage, which is included in PvE. In this mode, players will fight with enemies through several challenges using Unique Heroes.

Next there is the Colosseum, including the Pvp mode. In this mode, players can choose up to five heroes and fight the chosen heroes as well.

In the Colosseum gameplay mode, players can get EXP and get a higher position.

Players will also get awards in the form of Gems and premium currencies that will be given based on the ranking order obtained.

The last is The Labyrint, this mode is classified as PvE mode. In this mode, players can challenge monsters to get items faster and various resources.

Surprisingly again, sometimes players can get a diamond jackpot. For gamers who don't have this application, it's better to download it immediately.

Players will find new things that are fun with excitement in it. Not only that, you know, players will also find something very different to solve.


Players can play and arrange the strength and the strongest strategy to defeat the enemy. Do this struggle with friends to win the battle against monsters.

Players must build defenses with their fellow players to stay alive. Get ready and fight the monsters with the best power.

Join this game. The
Clash of Lords Guild indeed is equipped with extraordinary features.

Players can join the Guild.
Players can clash and attack with Clash of Lords players in all corners of the world.

Players can also fight and put up a fight.

How, are you still considering having this application?

Feel the sensation of fighting with various types of strength each character has.


Latest Clash of Lords has many characters or commonly called heroes. Players can play the desired character.

Clash of Lords has more than 20 characters. All of them are divided into four levels, ranging from Normal, Good, Rare, and Epic levels.

At each level the heroes have strength in their respective battles. Users can upgrade the character's ability to several levels by using EXP Cards.

Players can also combine one character with another character. This can be done to strengthen defenses when fighting enemies.

Latest features of Clash of Lords

As stated above, Clash of Lords is renewed every time. The following are the latest features possessed by Clash of Lords.

Clash of Lords now has a new hero outfit that is spec-imp. Pumpkin Players can also increase the magic tower by unlocking if successful at level 25.

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Then there is the new hero, Arachne. Arachne is a hero who receives mercenaries and development.
Amazingly, some soldiers and heroes are played with the Mercenary system which is very different from the others. Very cool, right?

The advantages of Clash of Lords

After thoroughly discussing the features of the Clash of Lords Cheat, this section discusses the advantages of the Clash of Lords.

This game also has a lot of advantages that users should know about. Instead of being curious, let's discuss it.


Clash of Lords is an application that has simple and attractive graphics. However, don't ever underestimate this game.

Clash of Lords remains the number one choice as a very fun strategy game to play.

On line

Clash of Lords belongs to an online game. With this advantage, players can communicate with all Clash of Lords gamers in all corners of the country and the world.

Of course, players can also learn from other players how to build good defenses. It must be so exciting to play Clash of Lords.


This game really does stand up to the latest games. Display on Clash of Lords is 3D.
Players can enjoy the fight for real with these advantages. Every movement and punch that is offered looks very epic and charming.

How to Download Clash of Lords

Well, it's time to download Clash of Lords and install it on a cellphone. If you are confused about how to download, below is provided a link that can be used to download Clash of Lords.

Users only need to press "Download" and accept the download agreement. By itself the Clash Of Lords Apk file will be downloaded.

Make sure the internet package is available, so that the download process runs quickly. More fun, right, if Clash of Lords can be quickly played.

Clash of Lords Apk Mod
7ApkMod File Size 102MB
A much better option is to download a modded apk that has everything unlimited with all the features. This mod with a little variation is known as Unlimited Everything mod.

Clash of Lords Mod OBB
7ApkMod File Size 221MB
A much better option is to download a modded apk that has everything unlimited with all the features. This mod with a little variation is known as Unlimited Everything mod.

There is one important thing that must be known by all android users, here. If Clash of Lords Apk Mod is updated.

The latest version was released a while ago, Clash of Lords: Guild Castle 1.0.447 Apk + Mod + Data. Come on, download it now.

Download Clash of Lords: Guild Castle 1.0.447 Apk + Mod + Data Download it
Version v 1.0477
Size 84MB + 202MB

How to Install Clash of Lords

After downloading, the user needs to do the installation first. Very easy way, really.
  • Enter the "Settings" application
  • Select the "Security" option
  • Enable "Unknown Sources"
If an unknown source is active. The next step that must be done is to open the Apk file that has been downloaded previously.

Open, then install. Wait for the installation process to complete 100%. If so, then Clash of Lords Hack Apk can be played.

Read More:

Become the best fighter with all the power you have. Win this game in succession and become the legendary fighter Clash of Lords Hack.

Play Clash of Lords every day and get Heroes and Jewels for free. Immediately, yes, do not procrastinate this golden opportunity.

Save the area with the best strategy and invite friends to work together to defeat the evil enemies.
That is the information about Clash of Lords Apk. To find out more about this application, it is better to immediately download and install it now.

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