Download VivaVideo Pro Video Editor v7.14 Apk + Mod (Full)

VivaVideo is one of the best video editing and camera applications for Android. Its existence has been widely used throughout the world compared to others. By downloading the latest VivaVideo PRO Video Editor HD 7.13.5 APK MOD, you will easily create video stories and share them with everyone.

Review VivaVideo PRO Video Editor HD 7.14 APK MOD Latest

VivaVideo Pro is a paid application with various advantages over the free one. If in the lower right corner of a video there is often a watermark or the name of the application used to edit videos, then we can be sure it is a free application.

However, for applications with "Mod version", a watermark will not appear In addition, the existing facilities also tend to be more complete. Thus, the editor will be easier to explore display models on the video created.

With the VivaVideo Apk Mod version, you will be able to create storyboards, slowmotion and videos containing sliding photos. This is very easy to use, making it possible for anyone to learn and utilize VivaVideo for easy and simple video editing.

How to Download the Latest VivaVideo PRO Video Editor HD 7.14 APK MOD

To download this application, there are two ways:

1. Through the Play Store (for the Official Version)

Play Store is an application on a smartphone that is used to download various applications, including VivaVideo. The following is a way to download it:
  • First, enter the Play Store application.
  • At the top there is a search menu whose function is to search for VivaVideo quickly.
  • Type the name of the VivaVideo application that you want to download.
  • After finding it, select install.

2. Through the Browser Available on Smartphone (Mod Version)

Apart from the Play Store, you can also download VivaVideo with a browser found on a smartphone. Like UC Browser, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. By downloading via the browser, you will be able to choose the desired version of VivaVideo.
  • Enter the browser on the smartphone.
  • Type VivaVideo in the search box.
  • After appearing, choose the one that suits you.
  • Usually a little explanation will appear about VivaVideo, then in the next section there is a download option.
  • Press download to process it.

How to Install VivaVideo PRO Video Editor HD 7.14 APK MOD Newest

To be able to install VivaVideo, if you download via Play Store, just select install. After waiting for a while, it will be installed on your smartphone. After that, just select Open and follow the dialog that appears.

If you go through a browser, after selecting download you are usually asked to wait a little. When finished, a dialog will appear asking if you want to install the VivaVideo application. The next step, just select the install option. After that, the application is ready to open and use.

Application Features VivaVideo PRO Video Editor HD 7.14 APK MOD Latest

In the VivaVideo PRO Video Editor application, there are interesting features. Among others are:

1. Creative Video Lens

With this lens, you can make various photos or creative videos. Among them:
  • Basic

Basic lens is a camera lens with the results of photos or videos like the original. There is no effect or filter on this type of lens.
  • Selfie

Is a feature used to take photos or videos using the front camera. So, the object is holding the smartphone itself. In the selfie feature, there are seven lens options to choose from at will.
  • FX

Is a feature that provides many choices of effects. Among these are Fx Love You So, Victory, Clap, Laugh, Kiss, Bird, Heart, Rose, Butterfly, Angel, Erasure, Miss You, Query and Gorgeous.
  • Funny

Is a feature that can provide funny and fun effects. With this feature, you can record yourself from an exclusive camera. In it, there are effects such as aliens, big mouths, bright heads, big eyes and other effects as desired.
  • Music video

Is a feature that can provide music or song effects on the recorded video. So, it will seem more serene and cool. With this feature, the resulting video will be more alive because there is music that accompanies it.
  • Collage

Is a feature used to combine two videos by dividing the two screens. So, in one screen will be able to play two videos. In addition, it can also make a frame on the combined video. In this feature, there is a unique Photo Slideshow and Video Collage menu.
Photo Slideshow is a video created from a combination of many photos. In every second that you set, the photo will change until it runs out. In addition, it can also be inserted into music or words.
With the Video Collage maker application, you can combine several videos into one. In addition, VivaVideo PRO Video Editor has practical and professional editing tools to make it more interesting. Among the editing tools available are:

1. Text

With this feature, you can insert words or sentences in the video that is being edited. So, there will be messages that can be conveyed from the video.

2. FX

This feature can give effect Fx Love You So, Victory, Clap, Laugh, Kiss, Bird, Heart, Rose, Butterfly, Angel, Erasure, Miss You, Query and Gorgeous.

3. Sticker

Is a feature that provides many images with various emoticon expressions or other images that can be inserted into the video being edited.

4. Music

Is a feature used to insert music or songs into the video being edited.

5. Filters

This feature can provide an artistic and professional touch in the video or photo being edited. This filter can be adapted to various themes.

6. Transition

Is a feature that can provide a moving effect. With this feature, the video or photo that you edit will be more dynamic and interesting.

7. Direct voice

Is a feature that can be used to add sound. Because sometimes in editing there is a desire to add direct sound effects to add art and also as a means to convey messages through direct voice.

8. Export and share

The purpose of this feature is to export and share the edited video to social media such as Facebook or Instagram. By using VivaVideo pro, your edits have no watermark as in a free application.

How to use VivaVideo PRO Video Editor HD 7.14 APK MOD Latest

To use VivaVideo, you must have material that the video will create. Prepare a photo or video of your personal collection to become a video story. After that, you can only use the features in VivaVideo to add art and make it more interesting.

The next step, you just enter the application and choose some photos and videos that have been prepared. After that, you can add text, songs or sound to it. Adjust until the video is good. At this stage, creativity is needed to combine everything.

With various features available, everything will make it easier to do editing. But it will not produce good work if you do not often sharpen it. For that, do this seriously, so that even if you only edit it with the HP application, it can be satisfying.

Smartphone Specifications Required

When trying to use this application, the recommended smartphone to use is the Redmi Note 4X Pro. With a 5.5 inch screen, 2GB RAM, Snapdragon and 4100 mAh battery. These specifications are sufficient for this application. However, if you have a smartphone with a higher specification it is better.

To start editing videos, immediately download the latest VivaVideo PRO Video Editor HD 7.14APK MOD application on your device.

VivaVideo Pro
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