Download 8 Ball Pool v4.8.3 Apk Latest Anti BanLong Line Mod

Nowadays, playing 8 Ball Poll is easier and more fun because there is an Android version. The trick is to download the latest 8 Ball Poll 4.8.3 Apk Anti BanLong Line Mod and install it on your smartphone. There are some cool features of this type of modification.

Review 8 Ball Pool 4.8.3 Apk Latest Anti BanLong Line MOD

8 Ball Poll Mod is a game that has a groove like Billyard. You have to fight enemies from all over the world and play alternately to win this game.

After successfully defeating the opponent, get a reward in the form of coins that can be used to improve the function of the tool. However, with the "mod" version of the coins you have can be unlimited and easily buy equipment to level up.

This game has fairly strict game rules. You can play it with friends via social media, Facebook or randomly search for enemies via the internet. The graphics presented are very charming, so playing becomes more exciting and enjoyable.

The plus side is that it's quite easy to play. There is a poke ball duel with a system of 1 v 1 or a tournament that contains 8 players who are both equally excited. Try to be the best among online billiard players around the world.

How To Download 8 Ball Pool 4.8.3 Apk Latest Anti BanLong Line MOD

This modification game will be richer with new features that will make the game even more challenging. To download the latest 8 Ball Poll 4.8.3 Apk Anti BanLong Line Mods, the steps are as follows:

1. Download the latest 8 Ball Poll 4.8.3 MOD Anti BanLong Line application at the following link:
2. Wait a few minutes until the download process is 100% complete.
3. Automatically, game files will be stored in your phone's internal directory.

You can enter the Facebook application and play with friends wherever and whenever. In addition, this game can also be played with random match options. Where will be chosen enemies in all corners of the world?

In this mod version, there are 16 balls on the Billyard table, 7 of which are striped and the other 7 are solids. The remaining two are the 8th "Black" ball and the white "Cue" ball.

How to Install 8 Ball Pool 4.8.3 Apk Latest Anti Ban / Long Line MOD

After downloading this game file, the next step you need to do is install it. As with other MOD applications, installing 8 Ball Pool 4.8.3 starts with allowing Unknown Sources. The complete way is:
  1. Go to Settings> Security> Click check or enable Unknown Sources.
  2. Then search for game files on internal storage or directly open the Download menu in the browser.
  3. Next, click install and wait until the process is complete.
  4. Now the Ball Pool 4.8.3 game is ready to play.

Features in 8 Ball Pool 4.8.3 Apk Latest Anti BanLong Line MOD

There are several new features available in this MOD version, including:
  1. There are 8 balls.
  2. Anti ban / ban.
  3. Long visual lines (not full-screen length, but the maximum size of a game in standard)
  4. There are lines in the blank space where the ball will be counted (hit by points).
  5. Unlimited coins, money, XP, Long Lines and Cues.
  6. There are weekly prizes for the top 3 winners on the My League menu.
  7. Pro membership allows players to enjoy a variety of features and benefits.
  8. Complete daily missions to fill bags as extra coins.
  9. Players can also collect free coins every hour.
  10. Also, collect free cash every 24 hours.
  11. Watch 30-second videos to get extra coins.
  12. Open the winning box to get a surprise prize and coin.
  13. You can shop for free games.
  14. Check game history and statistics to see your ranking.
  15. Look who are online friends and challenge them to play.
  16. You don't need to root the device to install this game.

How to Play 8 Ball Pool 4.8.3 Apk Latest Anti BanLong Line MOD

Game 8 Ball Poll 4.8.3 is a visual form of real Billyard. But, there are many features that you definitely don't want to miss. The way to play is online with friends on Facebook or random enemies that will be chosen.

In this modified version, players can break the shelves (arrangement of 15 balls in a triangle). If you put the wrong ball, then the chance will be lost. Therefore, make a pot according to the ball you have chosen.

Players who collect 8 balls including black will win the game. You need to remember that the black ball here must be placed at the end. Otherwise, the opponent will win the match without effort.
To make a ball, players use "Cue". Furthermore features like, Aim, Spin, Force and Time of the Cue can be tried. You can also change gestures at any time during the game. Make a good strategy so that the chance to win is wide open.

This game can be played with various modes. Besides playing 1 v 1, you can also take part in 8 tournaments. If you win, the player will get an award trophy.

Another mode is 9 Ball Pool where there are only 9 balls in this game. Players must hit the ball in a certain order.

When resting, try playing super exciting minigames. There are 4 choices, namely the surprise box, play and win, scratch and win and Hi-Lo.

Smartphone specifications required. To be able to install and play the 8 Ball Pool 4.8.3 modified version of the Anti BanLong Line, a minimum of Android is 4.0 and above. You don't need to root before you can install it. The amount of RAM needed is also not large, because the file size of this game is quite small.

Other Types and Versions of 8 Ball Pool 4.8.3 Apk Latest Anti BanLong Line MOD

This is a very popular game with a sports theme. 8 Ball Pool 4.5.2 and Mega MOD systems will always give you challenges. Play a few acts to improve ranking and get exclusive access to Match 

Locations to play with the best opponents.
The newest feature of this version is that players can express themselves in games by using funny and free emojis. In addition, there are also bug fixes and updates on some common menus.

That's the way to download 8 ball poll 4.8.3 apk latest BanLong line mod and other information related to it. Enjoy the fun of the new features. Have a nice play.

8 Ball Pool Mod
7ApkMod File Size 60MB
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