Download App Cloner 2.2.1 Apk Mod Premium (Full Unlocked)

Need two accounts for work? From now on there is no need to buy another smartphone when you need two accounts for different purposes. Because the latest Cloner App Premium 2020 is here to help save money. How can? Yes, by downloading App Cloner users can duplicate other applications so that they will automatically get two applications in one smartphone.

With the free Cloner App, all your needs will be handled in one smartphone. In the clone application, there is no difference in terms of both interface and function, so users need not be confused about running this application.

How to use the Cloner app

Easy enough to use this application, it does not require steps that are too complicated. After downloading the latest version of App Cloner premium 2020, users only need to first install this App Cloner.

After being able to open this application, the user only needs to choose which application to duplicate.

App Cloner premium 2020

Not easy enough how to use it? What's more, users don't need payment when downloading this App Cloner 2.2.1 premium apk, aka free. So, users will be very frugal for this one thing.

Applications that can be duplicated on App Cloner include Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Instagram, Skype, Dropbox, Amazon Kindle, Tumblr, and eBay. However, besides that, there are many more applications that can be duplicated using this one Cloner App.

App Cloner Features

Compared to the download of App Cloner premium 2019, the latest version of App Cloner 2020 has more cool features which certainly makes all interested in using it. So, here are some useful features of this one application:
  • Very easy to use

This application is designed to make things easier. This application is also designed with a friendly interface so that everyone will have no difficulty in using this one application.

Users only need to install this application and open and then choose the application that will be duplicated, the application on the smartphone can be cloned.

For your information, applications in the latest App Cloner can be more easily duplicated than the old App Cloner App.
  • Can duplicate the application

Yes, as already explained. The main feature of this application is to duplicate or clone an application. Jaid users will get the same two applications in 1 smartphone only. That will make things easier and also saves expenses.
  • Can change the application name

Users can also change the name of the application of the clone to be different from the original application. Like for example Instagram. In the cloning application can give the name "Instagram 2". It's easy enough to distinguish the two.
  • Can change the color of the application icon

Besides being able to change the name of the application, App Cloner is also able to change the color of the cloned application icon to make it easier to distinguish. For example WhatsApp applications that have the original green icon color can be replaced with blue or other favorite colors so you can easily distinguish them.
  • Free application

Users can enjoy this Cloner App for free without having to pay or spend any money. What's more, cloned applications also don't require payment anymore.

With the presence of App Cloner Premium, users can multiply an unlimited number of applications. It's very easy and useful to download App Cloner premium 2020

However, do not ever misuse this one application. Also, avoid cybercrime using this application. Because this application is designed to help simplify work. Come on, what are you waiting for, download the latest Cloner app now.

Download App Cloner 2.2.1 Apk Mod Premium (Full Unlocked)

The premium version can no longer be found on the Play Store. The reason is that they violate violation rulesHowever, Android users can download App Cloner pro apkpure and in other publishers on the Internet.

Here is the link to download the latest version of the App Cloner premium.

Download the Cloner App 2.2.1 Download it
Size 33MB
Minimal version  Android 4.1

On the internet, it's also very easy to find the App Cloner download link, one of these suggestions.

App Cloner Mod Apk
7ApkMod File Size 33MB
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