Download B612 – Selfie from the heart 9.1.7 (Full) Apk

The hobby of photography owners certainly not every time to bring a camera with heavy and troublesome reasons. The solution is to use mobile devices, where this is a solution that can be done by anyone and anywhere. It is time to download the B612 Apk for users who like photography.

B612 Apk is a photography or photo-editing application that has been downloaded more than 500 million times on the Google Play Store. Users can carry out a variety of activities photographing, from various angles with anyone.

About the B612 Application

The B612 application is a very phenomenal application and has become a popular application that has been officially downloaded by more than 500 million users on the Google Play Store application, of course. This application is usually used when users feel bored with the atmosphere of a photo like that only.

Users will easily get bored when taking photos only limited to the pose then the camera is directed and take. All of that is an old habit, therefore this B612 App comes with a new photography solution.

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When compared with the initial appearance, this application can be said to have developed far more than its predecessor version. Upgrading various features and application weight certainly affects a significant surge in users.

A Variety of B612 Application Features

As has been explained above that this application has improved in terms of quality, one of which is some of the features that are now present in this application. B612 v9.1.7 This latest Apk has several excellent features including:


Currently, the sticker feature is becoming a trend in the social environment, which makes several similar applications participate in adding stickers in some of its features. This Photo B612 application has a sticker feature that is different from most other applications.

If other applications are only emoticon, neon, and other stickers, then B612 Apk Mod has more varied stickers, including emoticons and neon, there are also star stickers, food especially cakes, and many more.

In the Latest B612 Apk there are several updates in terms of sticker features, which can now take videos and put stickers together. Accompanied by dynamic motion to create images that are very special too, you know.

Effects or Filters

Similar to the sticker feature, this time B612 also updates some of the effects or filters available in the application. During this time the user only knows a few filters, but this time the user can use various kinds of effects or filters in each photo.

Users can do selfies, wefies or take pictures with many people in one frame. This has become one of the commitments of B612 developers to pamper users by maximizing some excellent features, one of which is this filter feature.
This also happens to the filter feature where several competing applications also add filter features to the application. However, users of the Pure Mod B612 Apk application should be proud because, of the many other applications that install this filter feature, it turns out it's not as good as this application. Interested in Downloading the Latest B612 Photos Application?

Image Effects

This image effect is different from the filter because this image effect is usually used for making videos, you know. Please note that B612 can not only be used to take photos but can also be used to record a video for a long duration.

Like other video recording applications, this application can also be used to record any video with certain modes. Well, here the user can add image effects to the video he recorded so that the aesthetic impression looks real.

Music Addition

A video if only limited to recording would not be interesting, for that in the application B612 Mod App 2019 can also edit a video. Users can change the color tone, cut out some unwanted parts of the video and can add music.

In the midst of the popularity of video that can be filled by sound making this application gives its users this facility, users can add music to the application. A video can ultimately have meaning for its users.

Benefits of B612 Application

Besides having the best variety of features on the latest version of the B612 Apk application, it also raises several advantages that come from the opinions of most users. The following are some of the advantages that exist in this application, among others:


If the user wants an application about the world of photography, of course, there are many choices, but if the user wants a photography application with premium quality, of course, it must pay quite expensive for the size of a photography application.

Users do not need to feel uneasy, confused, and worried because now comes the Photography Application B612 Mod Full which can accommodate user desires. A free photo application with a variety of premium features offered makes users have to use it immediately.

HD resolution

Some photo applications that also offer video features usually only have the quality of the image as it is, in some cases even broken because it does not meet the standard FPs on each Android device.

This time the latest full version B612 Apk application brings good news for users that the resolution produced at each frame in the recording is the best resolution. If the user wants it, the user can adjust how the quality will be produced by the recording in this application.

The interface

The B612 Mod application has a display that is easily understood by users and has shortcuts that speed up access to some things the user wants. Yes, the interface that is provided in this application is quite effective.

Because users only need to touch a few tabs if you want to do an activity. For example, if you want to do a selfie then the user can click on the application icon on the Android device menu page, then directly live photos. If the camera is facing the front, it can be rotated with the play icon.

User Reviews of the B612 Application

As with a variety of other applications, users can also provide an overview of several conditions experienced when using the B612 Mod Full Apk Application. With this, the user hopes that the developer will make improvements at some point so that this application can be used optimally.

The first review states that the addition of several filters in the application is quite satisfactory because there are filters that are often used by many users and that is not found in other applications. Some of these filters are used by one-third of active users, you know.
In addition, there are still filters that actually become bugs in the B612 Mod v2019 application.

When using one of the application's filters, the user suddenly gets a notification that the application is not responding. This must be immediately addressed so that no adverse events occur in the future.

One user also revealed about the stickers on this application that can be emulated by other similar applications. It is not denied that this action will bring a negative image for the developers themselves.

Steps to Download and Install the Application

B612 Latest Full Apk Download
Version 9.1.7
Recommended Device Android 4.4
Size 77 MB | 80 MB

As the first step for users to have this application, users can download it from the link above. For this reason, users must ensure that the network connected to the device must be kept stable to ensure that downloads are not automatically canceled by the system.

Next is the user must also ensure the condition of the source feature is unknown whether it is already on or not. If not, the user can activate it by pressing the button in the settings menu and entering the security menu.

B612 Mod APK
7ApkMod File Size 91MB
A much better option is to download a modded apk that has everything unlimited with all the features. This mod with a little variation is known as Unlimited Everything mod.

When the user download file has finished, the user can immediately process the installation on an Android device. It's easy to click the application then go to the next process by clicking install first and the user must wait for a few moments.

After all the installation process is complete, users can immediately use it. Well, after reading various information, in the end, the user must come to try the photography application that is becoming this trend. Immediate Download Full Apk v9.1.7 B612 Updates! It may be useful.