Download Super Mario Run Mod Game Apk 3.0.16 Unlimited Money

The Super Mario run game is Nintendo's first game that is released and can be played on Android. Players will find excitement when playing this game. Uniquely, this game can also be played with just one hand. Besides being fun, this one game can fill your free time. Adventure is the basis of this one game.

Yes, when playing this Super Mario game, players will find a variety of exciting adventures by jumping around and getting coins. It does not require special dexterity when playing this game.

Just rub your hand on the screen and collect as many coins as possible. Collect the highest score to get a bonus. Build an empire in this free Super Mario online game.

Features of Super Mario Games

The features of a game have interesting functions and should not be missed. Players will find a lot of excitement when you can play features in a game.

It feels incomplete if a game is not equipped with attractive features. Here are some of the features found in Super Mario Run:

1. Change the player's character

In this offline Super Mario game, 6 playable characters can be chosen as desired. Where these characters include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette. This character can also be replaced while in the game.

2. Key movements

Move the key to swipe up, down, or sideways so the character runs as desired. This movement can also be done with one hand and is very easy.

3. Block Pause

This feature allows the player to pause the game for a few moments. This can be done to survey the road terrain that is ahead so as not to be trapped by deception.

4. Earn Coins

Take as many coins as possible. The easy way, just need to crash into existing coins. And collect the highest score.
Players can use coins in this game to buy or upgrade the game in the shop.

5. Combo Jump

Do a combo jump by double-tapping on the screen for a higher flying experience in the game. This makes players have a great chance to get more coins.

Download the Super Mario Run Mod Game Apk 3.0.16 Unlimited Money
Players must collect coins in Super Mario Run. However, now you can get Super Mario Run download with unlimited money. Here is the Super Mario Run mod apk link

Super Mario Run game version 3.0.16 Download it
Size 83MB
Last update September 23, 2019

This Super Mario Run game is anti-ban so players don't have to worry about being blocked. Super Mario Run APK free download game is also compatible with Android phones.

How to Play the Super Mario Game

Many of the players may not know how to play the game, Mr. Mario, Even though this game is a very easy game to play. Here's how to play the Super Mario game reported from the Super Mario web game:
  • Download and log in with Gmail

Download and install the game first. Then log in using Gmail. The login is to save the game history so that when you log in again, you don't need to repeat it from the beginning.
  • Choose your favorite character

After logging in the player will be directed to the available menu. The characters in this game include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette.
  • Play the game

Click play and play the game. You only need to touch and move the screen to run your character. Where you can tap on the screen to make your character jump and swipe the screen to make your character run.
  • Collect as many coins as possible

Search and collect coins at Super Mario Bros online. The trick is not difficult. Just crash into the available coins. Remember, do not hit the wall so that your life remains intact and does not die.
  • Complete missions and raise your level

Complete your mission by completing your journey to finish safely. When the mission is complete and successfully eat your game level will increase.
  • Build a palace

After completing your mission, build your dream palace. You can build the palace of your dreams using coins that have been obtained.

Super Mario Run will also be more exciting if played with your friends. Take an exciting adventure collecting coins by just rubbing the screen. This game will slightly stimulate your adrenaline when you have to find a trap in front.

Super Mario Mod APK
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Don't get stuck and die. Use the block pause opportunity to see the obstacles ahead.

What are you waiting for, don't play alone! Download the Super Mario Run Game and invite your friends to play together to feel the excitement of adventure with your friends!