Airtel wins data speed and network, wins award in four out of seven categories

New Delhi, Our life has become very easy due to the smartphone. It helps us in recharge, bill payment, money transactions, shopping and many other things. But a smartphone and its features give the most pleasure when we watch cricket, web series, shows, movies etc. on it. Provided the data speed is good with the network.

Airtel wins data speed and network

However, Airtel is ahead of the rest of the service providers in terms of speed and network and this is confirmed by the recent Open Signal Report 2020 (OSR). Whether it is the Best Video Experience or the Voice App Experience, Download Speed ​​and Latency Experience, Airtel has proven itself as a leader. Let's know about the open signal report this time.

Airtel Award for Best Video Experience Network

Watching online video on a smartphone has become not only a trend but a necessity. During this lockdown, YouTube, Hotstar and other video streaming services have entertained everyone. The popularity of web series and online movies has increased even after the shooting of TV shows stopped. SHE, Lion King, Jamtara, Hasmukh people love watching. Along with this, historical and religious shows like Mahabharata and Ramayana are also being streamed a lot. 

But it is very important to have a strong network to enjoy all these shows without any hindrance. According to the report of Open Signal, Airtel is number one in terms of giving online video experience. Because it has given users consistent and better video experience as a reliable network at the national level. In this report Airtel has jumped from Fair (40-55) to Good (55-65) rating and established itself as the market leader.

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