Download Angry Birds Transformers v1.49.6 Apk + Mod (Unlock)

Love the battlefield? Or maybe you like a challenging game against the enemy? Angry Birds Transformers apk may be your choice.

Let's attack and shoot the enemy in front of your eyes with the best strategy! Are you ready?
Love the battlefield? Or maybe you like a challenging game against the enemy? Angry Birds Transformers apk may be your choice.

Let's attack and shoot the enemy in front of your eyes with the best strategy! Are you ready?

A glimpse of Angry Birds Transformers

It feels familiar with this Angry Birds game . However, why are the names different now?
Yes, this Angry Birds game has now been modified and made its name change to Angry Birds Transformers. Curious, did this name change make the way to play the game also change?
Of course the answer is yes, it changes. Angry Birds were very popular with children in the past.

Played by throwing various bird characters to kill the pig in front of him. Still remember!
Now, while Angry Birds Transformers is a blend of the previous Angry Birds with various Transformers characters. Can you imagine how exciting this game is?

Angry Birds Transformers game This telepods combines Birds and Transformers into Autobirds with action. The user's job is quite simple, which is to kill all the annoying pigs that are in front of their eyes.
In addition to these missions, the Autobirds have another mission which is to kill Deceptihogs on Piggy Island. After all is killed, the Autobirds must find EggSpark.

As a great player, of course players don't want the mission to fail. However, even though you've never played this game before, there's no need to worry about feeling unable to complete this mission.

Tips and Tricks Playing Angry Birds Transformers

Actually, this game still occupies the title of an easy, fun, and fun game. So, users do not need to hesitate to download it.
Here are various tips for winning the Angry Birds Transformers mod.

Attack targets that are easily destroyed

Before attacking, players must first know where the target's strengths and weaknesses are. The easiest way to destroy it is at the weak point of the building where the pig stands at the Angry Birds Transformers gym.
An example is to attack at the point of a block of wood under or on the edge. So that if one of the blocks at the bottom or on the edge is destroyed, the pigs at the top to the bottom can be destroyed.
This is because the entire building above destroyed the building in its subordinates as well. In addition, another easy target is where the bomb or TNT is located.

If the beam was hit, it would cause a huge explosion and the whole building would collapse. So it's easy to play this gym.

Know the abilities of the Transformers

When the user has downloaded this Angry Birds Transformers apk , the user will be presented with a variety of Autobirds characters. This character will later help you from various problems.
And from a variety of Autobirds characters, of course, have different abilities.

From here, the player must be able to first identify the abilities of the Autobirds character. So that players can more precisely use characters from Autobirds.
An example is Optimus which can easily destroy blocks of ice. And a more reliable Bumble Bee for destroying wooden blocks.

Now, to calm Angry Birds Transformers easily, players must be able to utilize various characters according to their strengths. Try it first.
So, players can easily destroy buildings used to hide from pigs. This gym is really tricky.

Focus on attacking flying pigs

When playing fun, there will usually be a number of pigs flying around the character the player uses. Now one of the next trick is the player must prioritize attacking swine pigs first.
While the pigs are a threat to players. These flying pigs can shoot lasers at the Autobirds that players use on Angry Birds Transformers.

Well, to make it easier to attack into the next building, players must be able to kill the pigs that fly around the Autobirds. Because this is very easy to do and will make it easier for players to get a win too.

Focus on being alert to pigs that are hiding

There are so many unexpected surprises when downloading this Angry Birds Transformers mod apk , one of which is finding several enemies that suddenly appear.
When players try to destroy the building, initially there may not be pigs standing. However, when the player has destroyed some of the buildings, many pigs will appear.
This is what makes the players have to focus with pigs hiding behind buildings. Destroy several blocks of wood first, and blocks of ice to destroy some of the pigs.

Call a friend when you need help

Feel pressured when you're playing Angry Birds Transformers? Or perhaps you no longer have the ability to destroy buildings on Piggy Island?
Take it easy, there are interesting features to ask for help with playing partners. Here, players can ask other players for help to win this game.
Very interesting, right? 

However, there are still drawbacks to this feature, namely the player cannot ask for help periodically.
This is because in this feature there is a certain period. Players will be given a time limit, and also time-resistant in using this help feature.

Use Vehicle mode

This one feature is a feature that is quite interesting too. Vehicle mode is a mode to change into another form to avoid attacks.
An example is when a player is carrying out an attack, but the high tower in front will hit the player. Now at that time, players can use Vehicle mode.

With Vehicle mode, players can transform themselves into cars to avoid the tower. Interesting right?

Unfortunately, this mode makes the energy of the Autobirds that players use is reduced. And the impact of this reduced energy is that we have to wait a long time for the energy to start filling up again.

Increase the Autobirds level

The higher the level that a player can, the level of difficulty will automatically increase. And this is one way to deal with it.
Autobirds owned by these players must be upgraded to be able to deal with higher levels. In addition, players can face enemies that are stronger than before.

Collecting coins

In addition to some of the missions described earlier, collecting coins is also a mission if the opponent you face is dead.
This coin will usually appear when the player has destroyed his enemy. The purpose of this coin is to buy various other feature needs.
One of the many features available is to increase the level of Autobirds on Angry Birds Transformers.

Recover the blood of the Autobirds

The Autobirds blood that the player uses will get used up the longer. How come? The answer is because the player has been attacked.
To recover it, the player must wait for some time. So, you have to be extra patient, yes.

The trick that players must know is that players must use other Autobirds. This trick is used when the blood of the Autobirds decreases.
As more blood is reduced, the longer the Autobirds recovery time in this Angry Birds Transformers apk game.

How to download Angry Birds Transformers Apk and Mod

Download the latest version of Angry Birds Transformers mod. In this application, it's almost the same as downloading Angry Birds Transformers cheat Mod.
Angry Birds Transformers cheat mod is a help for players to get the features you want to use without waiting long.
Here's how to download Angry Birds Transformers cheat

Download Angry Birds Transformers 1.49.6 apk + mod (unlock)  Download 
Size  49 MB | 341 MB

To download Angry Birds Transformers is very easy, users only need to press the download link that has been listed above. After that, follow the flow provided.

Various interesting features in Angry Birds Transformers Apk

Lots of interesting features that will be obtained when downloading this Angry Birds Transformers apk mod . The following are various interesting features.

Unlimited gold coins, gems, pig coins dan chip

By using Angry Birds Transformers mod apk unlimited gems, players don't need to worry anymore to get lots of coins.
Why is that? Because Angry Birds Transformers will provide unlimited coins for users without difficulty first.

This coin will be automatically given to the user on the user's account. So, users do not need to look for coins again during the game.

Unlocked all character level max

Of course it's annoying if you want to use good characters, but the characters are still locked and can't be used.
Take it easy, by using this Angry Birds Transformers all characters will open. Users can use all characters even though the user level is still small.
In addition, the character to be used is the top level, you know. Because this will automatically be in the user's account. Very helpful, right?

Unlocked all stages map

Using this mod, all stages on the map can be used. So users do not need to wait much longer to play it.

High damage

Damage that users will get is high damage, and will take a long time. So that the user can attack the enemy with great satisfaction.

The new Angry Birds Transformers Apk Mod

Although Angry Birds Transformers can be played without cost, the developer still makes improvements to the optimum, you know.
No half-hearted, developers always do regular updates. Curious about what updates? Check out the reviews below.
Want to play but don't have a data plan? Or maybe the network is not good?

Take it easy, by downloading Angry Birds Transformers mod apk 2020, users don't need to use the internet network anymore to play it.
How can it be? This is done so that players can play without having to have a data package.

Fun is not it? Are you interested in playing Angry Birds Transformers apk ? Come immediately download and defeat all enemies!
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