Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.6 Final Full Mod Apk

Are you bored with Android smartphone themes that rely only? Now there is good news, you can change its appearance to be different and more interesting than before. It's easy to download the latest Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.6 Final Full Mod Apk.

What is Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.6 Final Full Mod?

Before discussing more, maybe many of the Android users who do not know about Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.6 Final Full Mod Apk. Please note that this application is used to change the screen display on smartphones to be more varied.

This application is a modification of the original version, which is done by a third party developer. However, it is not other features and specifications that are modified or modified but only the license status and several paid versions.

If you use the Nova launcher Prime modification application, you can access and enjoy the paid version with full features for free or for free. No need to worry, this one application is safe to use on all types of Android smartphones.

Even so, the Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.6 Final Full Mod application is illegal, so you can't update it to the latest version. This is due to a change in the licensing system which resulted in a disconnection of connectivity to the Google PlayStore server.

Tutorial Download and Install the Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.6 Final Full Mod Application

If you are interested in changing the look of your smartphone's theme using this device, the method is quite easy, by downloading the latest Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.6 Final Full Mod Apk like the steps below:

1. Make sure that the smartphone's memory capacity is enough to save this application.

2. Please download Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.6 Final Full Mod Apk.

Nova Prime Mod APK
7ApkMod File Size 12MB
A much better option is to download a modded apk that has everything unlimited with all the features. This mod with a little variation is known as Unlimited Everything mod.

3. The link will automatically open with a browser application on your smartphone.

4. Wait until the download is complete, make sure your internet connection is strong to speed up the process.

5. Then, make sure that the apk file is stored in the memory space of the Android smartphone being used.

After the Apk file download process has finished, then enter the stages to install it, so you can enjoy all the interesting features in it. The method is as follows:

1. The first step is to make sure the Nova launcher Prime mod APK file is already stored on your smartphone's memory.

2. Next, you need to activate the installation first by checking the Unknown Source section on the Android smartphone that is used.

3. Then, begin the installation process by clicking on the green icon that says "Agree and Continue".

4. Next, the install process will run, wait until everything is complete.

5. If all the processes have been completed perfectly, then the apk you can use easily.

Featured Features Nova Launcher Prime Application 6.2.6 Final Full Mod

Not without reason many people use this application. However, many things lie behind it. One of them is that there are some features that other applications don't have. Including the following:

1. This application has features that allow Android smartphone users to change the background color to be different and seem transparent. How to find it is quite easy by following these steps:

Open Nova, enter settings, then select Apps and Widget Drawer, finally Background. To change the background color simply go to "settings> dock> dock background".

2. The feature in this application launcher mod nova allows users to change the shape and appearance of icons on Android smartphones as desired, can be one by one or all at once.

However, to do this, the user must first download the icon pack . While the way to change it is quite easy, enter the "settings> select looks and fell> then the theme icon".

3. Besides being able to change the shape of the icon, the Nova launcher software also has a feature that can be used to change the appearance of the folder. Where this is usually used as a place to group applications in one category.

If you are interested in doing it the way is quite easy, namely open the application "Nova launcher mod> enter the settings menu or settings> then select the folder option> and finally press the background folder".

4. The Nova launcher mod application has a night mode that displays dark color versions of all visual components on an Android smartphone, from the background, folders to the search bar. Interestingly, you can schedule when this feature is activated.

To find this feature and set the scheduling, it's quite easy, by entering the settings menu or settings in the Nova launcher mod application then pressing the night mode option .

5. Another excellent feature of the Nova launcher application is the backup mod settings that can be used to modify the appearance of the theme with the same gesture, even though you have changed your Android smartphone. Very interesting is not it?

How to find the backup feature of this setting is also quite easy, by opening the application and then entering the settings menu, the next step is to select the backup and import settings option.

Interesting Tricks Using the Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.6 Final Full Mod Application

This Prime mod launcher is equipped with many features, especially to facilitate users to be able to do various interesting tricks, make it easier to open applications or maybe vice versa. That is to make other people confused who will use the smartphone.

Among these are as follows:

1. Lock and turn off the screen of an Android smartphone with two-finger taps only, this will save time while preventing damage to the power button. It's also easy to just enter the settings, select gesture inputs then double-tap and then press the screen lock.

2. You can also add app drawer tabs on most Android smartphones that only display one page. The trick is to enter the Nova settings menu then select App & widget drawer, then add it by clicking the (+) icon.

3. You can also use emoji characters for labeling on the application tab to make it look more attractive and clean. The way to enter the settings, activate the tab bar on the page in the app & widget menu, then click the pencil icon and click the edit menu.

4. Can hide applications that are rarely used, so it does not meet the display on the home screen by creating its own container. It's easy to drag the icon into the folder, press until a few moments later the edit option appears, select swipe to open.

5. There are many choices of themes that can be used for all types of mobile phones. Even without rooting first.

You can enjoy a variety of interesting benefits and features by downloading the latest Nova Launcher Prime 6.2.6 Final Full Mod Apk via the link above. Using this software will make the smartphone screen display more attractive.

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