Download Among Us MOD APK 2020 (Everything Unlocked)

Download Among Us Mod Apk -Game Among Us is trending at the moment, a game that as a whole has a gameplay similar to that of a werewolf, is indeed the choice of many people to fill their spare time. In addition, there are also those who are curious about the excitement in this game. Even though it is not classified as a new game, because many YouTubers are playing it, finally the name of this online game has begun to rise and is increasingly recognized by many people.

You could say this one game is different from the others. Amid the triumph of games with the theme of battle royale and moba games like Mobile Legends, the presence of Among Us managed to shake the game as the best-selling game today.

Like other online games, in this game, there are also paid items that you cannot get for free such as skins, pets and so on. For this reason, this time we offer the Among Us Mod apk game for you, so you can get all of it without having to pay for it.

Among us unlock all pets and skins is one that is quite sought after today, because as we know, to get these two items is not free but we have to buy it.

What is Among Us Mod Apk?

Download Among Us MOD APK

Maybe before you've heard of a modified game, which is a game that Modder has previously cracked by looking for bugs in it, so we can open or get premium items for free.

Likewise with this one game, Among Us Mod apk is a modified game so that to use the skin in this game we don't need to upgrade or so on. You need to know that among us game there are lots of premium items.

Besides that, another popular mod version is among us mod radar impostor, which if you use this mod, you can find out who the impostors are in the game. For this cheat mod you can download it in our latest review.

Info Regarding Among Us

Maybe not many people know this game from Innersloth, even though it has been around for quite a long time, namely June 15, 2018. Maybe you are curious why it's just busy now? Because many top players play it, this seems to be a promotion that invites everyone to try it, and here is a little information about this game:

Name Among Us
Version V2020.9.9
Size 57MB
Support Android 4.4+
Developer Innersloth LLC

This game developer has also previously released several games such as Dig2China, but to be able to play it, you have to make an application purchase first. Unlike Among Us, which we can get for free.

Download Among Us Mod Apk Complete Latest Version

The use of game mods is basically prohibited, because this will harm the developer or developer. However, because many want it, encouraging modders to share. You will also not get this application on the official app store such as the play store or app store, for that we have provided the Among us mod apk latest version 2020.9.9 for you and you can download it below:


For those of you who want to use among us mod apk radar impostor, you can download it at the link below.


Note: If the game cannot be unlocked, it means that this mod is not working, it could be because the developer has fixed a bug

Making this game as fun together with your friends seems like something interesting to fill your vacation time or pass your free time. Moreover, to be able to play this game we can do hotspots together with our friends.

To be able to play games, then at least you are already using Android 4.4+, while the size of the among us mod apk itself is 57MB.

Mod Features

There are several mod features that you can use, what are these features? you can see in full as follows:

Remove Ads

Ads are one of the developer's income from the games they release, besides that there are also items that are traded to make it easier for you to play a game. Likewise, with this game among us, you will see ads that often appear. And this is one of the things that is quite disturbing when we play this Among us game, with this mod version, you will be free from advertisements.

Among Us actually has a remove ads feature, but to activate this one feature, you need to provide around 28 thousand dollars.

Free Skins

Apart from that, another interesting mod feature is that you can open all skins for free, so you can freely choose the skin you want to apply in the game.

As we know, the skins in this game have a fairly expensive price, which is 28 thousand, there are many skin choices, for that you can choose one of them.

Unlimited Money

To be able to buy an item, we need money or money in our game account. There are many premium items among us, so you need to provide a lot of money to buy these items.

I feel happy if we play this game to have unlimited money, now you can get all of this when you install the latest mod version of Among us above.

Unlock Pet

Another feature that is no less interesting is that you can get a pet for free, so you will be accompanied while playing this game. This pet or pet has a fairly expensive price, even more expensive than skin.

To be able to have this pet, at least you have to prepare 43 thousand, not to mention adding VAT, of course it's more expensive right.

Those were some of the features contained in this modified version of the Among us game, now how do you install or install this game? here's how.

How to Install

  1. First we need to download among us mod apk above
  2. Next is to give permission to install from unknown sources in the settings
  3. Open the download among us mod file storage folder
  4. Select the file and start the installation
  5. Wait for it to finish and then just play this game

The installation of the game among us mod apk can be said to be quite easy, different from other games that require obb data and so on.

Some Popular Cheats Among Us

Download Among Us MOD APK

There are several cheats among us that are popular that you should know, and this can be an option for you when you want to use mods or other cheats. With this cheat, it will be easier for you to win the Among us game, what are the cheats? you can see below.

Among Us Always Impostor

When you play this game, you can't choose whether you want to be a crewmate or impostor, with this cheat, you will always be an impostor, how interesting isn't it.

Impostor radar

This cheat is also no less interesting, if you are a player who always loses because of the wrong impostor guessing. With this cheat, it will be easier for you to recognize who the impostor is.

You can convey what you already know while having a discussion, and convince other players that this person is indeed an impostor.

Skin and Pet Cheats

As we know that these pets and skins are premium items, which if we want to have them, we have to make a purchase first, unless you apply this cheat, then you will get everything for free.


In this game, you will act as an extraterrestrial character in an airplane. This game requires 4 to 10 players, all of which will be divided into two jobs, namely Crewmate and impostor.

For those of you who get a crewmate job, you have to carry out your mission, which is to operate the aircraft, but besides that there is an interesting side that we have to do, namely guessing who among these characters has the role of Impostor, the evil figure who killed the crewmates.

One of the advantages of this impostor is that it can enter the ventilation space, for that for you crewmates who see this, then you can be sure that this character is an impostor. Crewmate will have a task or mission to do.

Crewmate does not recognize who the importers are, but on the contrary these importers know each other. Another excitement in this game is that there is a mission in which there is a mini game, and to make it easier to find out the location on this plane, crewmates and importers can use the map located in the top corner which we can use as a reference for our friend's position.

This game, which was released in June 2018, can not only be played on a smartphone device, but you can also play it on a PC or laptop, so that it will make your playing experience even more exciting.

How to make a room

By creating this room you can play with our friends, there are several ways you can do, namely as follows:

  1. First, you can open the game among us first
  2. Then you can select "Online"
  3. Next we select "Creat Game"
  4. Next we can set the number of players and others then select "Confirm"
  5. Finally, you will get a code and select "Private" so that other people do not enter your game.

If we have got the code, we can invite friends and enter the code to join.

Among us Discord India

For those of you who have difficulty finding friends to play with or want to get more information about this game, now there are lots of groups that you can use to join, including on discord, to join you can access the link here . But besides that there are also FB groups and so on.

Discord forums are often used by many players to gather, you will get lots of friends when joining this forum.

Is it safe to use this mod apk?

Basically we shouldn't use games or applications that have been modified, why is that? Because this is clearly very detrimental to the developer. For that, of course there will be sanctions that we will get, even though sometimes we often see that the mod has the advantage of being anti-banned.

Playing fairly is always expected by the developer, that way we can compete our skills in the game.

Tips to Play Among Us Auto Win Without Cheat

There are several tricks that you can apply both when you are a crewmate or impostor, by applying these tips or tricks your chances of winning are even greater.

Crewmate Tips

  • Understand the mission

This Crewmate has several tasks and missions that must be completed, for that you must know what to do. You can choose Freeplay and the map you want to use to study it.

  • Avoid quiet places

One of the safe ways from importers is together with the team, avoiding quiet places that might be used by importers to finish us off.

  • Remember Friends Position

The next tip is to remember the position of our friend last time, this can help you during discussions and guess who is the impostor.

Those were some tips that you can use for those of you who are crewmates, now for those who are importers.

Impostor Tips

Since these importers are few in number compared to crewmates, you need a strategy that you must apply while serving this role, namely as follows.

  • Increase sabotage

Because this role is evil you have to do a lot of sabotage to keep crewmates busy trying to fix it.

  • Don't get too close to Crewmate

So that we are not overly suspicious, it is better if you keep your distance from crewmates. Even though this is simple, it will affect your victory.

  • Avoid entering the vents

One of the features the impostor has is that it can enter the vent, but if you are caught doing this, it will make it easier for the crewmate to win.

  • Pretend to complete the mission

After we have successfully carried out sabotage, then we must also be good at acting in completing existing missions.

In carrying out this role, you must be good at lying to trick the crew mates. Those were the tips that you can apply when you become an impostor.


    Filling spare time by playing games might be said to be the trend of millennials today. However, if a game that was originally an escape for entertainment turns into an activity that is quite annoying and even drains the wallet from spending too much money on buying items, then this will be a problem.

    For that, with the Among Us mod apk that we have shared above, hopefully it will be a solution for those who don't have enough budget to buy items in this game.

    Among US Mod
    7ApkMod File Size 57MB
    A much better option is to download a modded apk that has everything unlimited with all the features. This mod with a little variation is known as Unlimited Everything mod.