FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor Pro 4.0.5 Apk (Unlocked) for Android

Currently making videos that have good quality does not need to use a computer device.

Some developers offer several video editing apks that allow users to do editing with an Android phone only.

Of course, with this, many people have been able to make videos whose quality is not inferior to professionals.

Filmora Pro APK is a video editing apk that comes with various supporting features for the video editing process.

Besides being able to do the basic video editing process, this apk can add other elements that can make videos look more attractive, such as photos, music, or sound effects.

Description of Filmora Pro Mod APK

Filmora Pro is a video editing apk developed by the developer Wondershare Software.

Has a file size of 35 MB, this apk is suitable for beginners who want to learn about the basics of the video editing process.

The Filmora Pro apk has been used by more than 10 million active users worldwide. By looking at the number of users, this apk is one of the best in its class.

Filmora Pro has complete features for compelling video creation. This apk also has features that support so that the results of video editing can be shared directly via several social media, such as Youtube or Instagram.

The interface of Filmora Pro is also very helpful for beginners who are still learning the video editing process

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APK name Filmora Pro APK
Size 34 MB
Price Free
Developer WonderShare
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Filmora Pro APK features

The features of the Filmora Pro apk are very helpful for users who are still amateurs in the world of video editing.

With some of its advanced features, users of this apk will be able to produce interesting videos to watch. Here are some of the features in the Filmora Pro apk.


    Various interesting templates such as stickers and word animations can be used in this apk. However, users must first download it in the apk if they want to use it.


      Filmora Pro has a large selection of music in its apk. Of course, the music is licensed and has good audio quality.

      In addition, users can add music from their cellphone storage space.


        There are more than 100 effects that will give you a professional impression in the editing process.

        The available effects can be adjusted according to the theme that will be made on the video. As with the template feature, users need to download the effect first if they want to use it.

        But, to download it, you don't need to pay first, in other words it can be used for free.


          A video that has a transition between one clip and another will give the video a professional impression.

          To support this, Filmora Pro provides a variety of transition effects, all of which can be used for free.

          Speed Control

            This feature is one of the excellent features of Filmora Pro. This feature serves to adjust the speed of the video movement fast or slow.

            The existence of this feature makes it easy for its users to be creative for their videos. The results of using this feature will be interesting to watch because the video will have a cinematic impression.

            Audio Equalizer

              Apart from having various features to support video creation, this apk has a feature that can adjust the format of the audio file directly in the apk.

              Users can change the sound, remove noise in the video, or adjust the volume of the sound in the video.

              Share Video

                Filmora Pro can connect directly to several social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

                So, if the video editing process has been completed, users can share the results of the video on several social media so that many people can also watch it.

                Text Animations

                  Filmora Pro APK also has animated text that can move the video clip. There are more than 100 text animation options, all of which can be used for free. This feature will make the video appear more creative and unique.


                    With the choice of themes provided, users can apply them to enhance the appearance of the video results.

                    Filmora Pro users can apply this feature directly at the beginning of the editing process so that the next steps when the video editing process runs easily.

                    Import and import

                      This feature is a vital feature in the video editing process. Filmora Pro APK has a video import and export feature.

                      This feature can connect the apk to the user's cellphone storage to enter the video file that will be edited and after the editing process is complete, the user can save the video in the cellphone storage space.

                      Cutting Video

                        To combine several videos into one, first need to cut the video clip or cut the video.

                        This feature will cut several video clips which will be combined with several other clips. Some of these clips will later become a series of video stories.

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                        The advantages of Filmora Pro APK

                        The features of Filmora Pro APK can be said to be complete enough for a video editing apk for beginners that can be used for free.

                        Unlike the original apk, which is incomplete and some of its features cannot be used because you have to pay for it first. Here are some of the advantages of the Filmora Pro apk.

                        No Watermark

                          If in the original apk, after the editing process is complete there will be a watermark that appears in the video. If you want to get rid of it, then the user must pay in advance according to the provisions in the apk.

                          Unlike Filmora Pro, watermarks that appear on videos can be easily removed without the need to pay first.

                          Ad Free

                            The appearance of advertisements during the editing process will interfere and cause the results of the editing process to be not optimal.

                            But with Filmora Pro, users can do the editing process freely without being distracted by advertisements. The results of editing will be maximized and interesting to watch.

                            Has Reverse Effect

                              This feature serves to provide a reverse effect on the video. This feature is very suitable for use in making short films or music video clips because it has a strong cinematic aspect that will appeal to the audience.

                              Can Make Subtitles

                                This app also has a feature to provide subtitles to video shows.

                                Filmora Pro Has many font forms that can be used according to the wishes of the user. This feature can be useful for editors because it makes it easier for video viewers to understand the content of the video.

                                Many Languages

                                  Filmora Pro is available in various international languages, such as English, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and six other international languages.

                                  Device Specifications for Using Filmora Pro APK

                                  In order for the video editing process to run smoothly, users need to first adjust the specifications of the cellphone device that will be used.

                                  To use Filmora Pro APK, mobile devices must have at least 2 GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of at least 8 GB.

                                  The chipset used is at least Snapdragon 625 with an octa-core processor. Even though it has quite complete features, Filmora Pro requires its users to download these features first. So, using it is quite complicated.

                                  However, after the features are downloaded, users will be spoiled for the sophistication of these features which will certainly help to make videos look interesting to watch.

                                  FilmoraGo Pro
                                  7ApkMod File Size 84MB
                                  A much better option is to download a modded apk that has everything unlimited with all the features. This mod with a little variation is known as Unlimited Everything mod.