PUBG Gfx+ Tool APK 0.18.0 PRO [Anti-Ban] Download

On the off chance that you are searching for an answer for improving your PUBG mobile game, you have gone to the correct spot. Today, we might want to acquaint you with an extraordinary app for PUBG Mobile, which permits mediating more in the game settings to improve and bring the ideal gaming experience on any Android device. The app named PUBG Gfx+ Tool (PUBG Gfx Plus Tool). Right now, will show you how to download and install the latest PUBG Gfx + Tool (With Advance Setting) for free. 

What is PUBG Gfx + Tool (with advanced settings)? 

PUBG has a problem that influences the gaming experience. On the off chance that you are utilizing a low-end device, which implies that it can't run the game at the highest setting. In any event, when you utilize Low Setting, during the game, it is frequently a few bugs like Drop FPS, loss of detail, sound blunder… 

Recently, Tencent has concocted an answer for taking care of this problem. They discharged a Lite version devoted to these low-end devices. However, this version is still in the delicate dispatch process, restricted downloading in certain nations.

We likewise had an article on PUBG Lite installation rule, which you can allude to HERE. Additionally, PUBG Lite uses its own server, so you can't discover coordinate with the individuals who are playing the full version.

App Name PUBG GFX+ Tool APK
File Size 2.66MB
Latest Version v0.17.7
Android Version Android 4.3 and Above
Developer Trilokia Inc.
Last Updated Feb 2021
Total Downloads 7M+
Telegram Channel JOIN NOw!
Additionally, the individuals who are utilizing low-end devices are not happy with PUBG Mobile. The game just permits players to pick one of three settings naturally: High, Medium, Low, which you can't meddle much with different customizations. It makes the individuals who need to enhance the game experience unhappy. Now, PUBG Gfx +Tool is the answer for all the above issues.

pubg gfx tool mod pro download

This tool provides a scope of customizations that permit clients to make custom PUBG customizations, for example, changing article subtleties, concealing, opening FPS, expanding or diminishing resolution, and expanding streamlining. The game will works smoother. 

The Key Features of PUBG Gfx + Tool 

PUBG Gfx + Tool offers numerous one of a kind features that permit you to streamline PUBG Mobile effectively. Regardless of whether you are not a tech ace, you can at present use it. At present, there are two versions of PUBG Gfx + Tool including free and paid. Right now, will give you the paid version of PUBG Gfx + Tool (Includes advanced features). Here are the key features that you can investigate from PUBG Gfx + Tool: 

Game Variant: Choosing the version of PUBG Mobile game that you are playing. Here are three choices including Global, China and Korea beta. You have to choose the right version for the app to work. 

Resolution: Depending on the resolution of your telephone's screen, you can pick lower resolution than the default setting with the goal that the game is smoother. Obviously, the in-game picture quality will be decreased. 

Restore: This feature permits you to set all default settings, so you can change numerous settings until you pick the best setup. 

Graphics: Adding custom graphics settings. As a matter of course, there are just three alternatives: High, Medium and Low. PUBG Gfx + Tool offers five levels: Default, Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR. 

FPS: Unlock FPS, there are four levels: Default, High, Ultra, and Extreme. This feature permits the player to play the game at the highest FPS. 

Style: Changing the graphics style with five levels: Classic, Colorful, Realistic, Soft 

Shadow: This feature permits you to empower or handicap shadows of the items in the game. Shadow is one of the key components influencing the smoothness of PUBG Mobile. On the off chance that you are utilizing low-end devices, you should turn it off. 

MSAA: Enable or impair the anti aliasing feature, the game picture will be better. You can see the separation objects simpler. 

If you are wondering: PUBG Gfx + Tool can be used with PUBG Lite version? The answer is NO.

The Advanced Features of PUBG Gfx + Tool 

Notwithstanding the essential capacities on the present PUBG Gfx + Tool version, it is offered further developed features that permit you to mediate considerably more into the game. These features assist you with enhancing the game better. 

  • Zero Lag Mode + Battery Efficient: Reduce the slack to the most extreme when messing around on low-end devices. Plus, empowering this feature can enable your device to spare battery. 
  • Equipment Accelerated Rendering: Currently, this feature just supports VULKAN and OpenGL 3.1+ 
  • GPU Optimization: You can modify the OpenGL shaders with the goal that the game runs smoother. 
  • Memory Boost: Enhance the presentation of the game 
  • Shrewd gadget: Now, you don't have to open PUBG Gfx + Tool (With Advance Setting) to run the game any longer. The app permits you to make an alternate way at the home screen, so you folks can open the game quickly with the optimized arrangement. 

Note: These features are just accessible in paid versions. You won't see them in the free version. 

In the wake of rolling out the improvements, you have to tap the Apply button in the upper right corner to spare the settings. Presently, you can revive PUBG Mobile to encounter it. As should be obvious, the graphics nature of the game has changed fundamentally, which make the game smoother. 

PUBG Gfx + Tool Installation Guideline: 

We have acquainted you with the exceptional features of PUBG Gfx + Tool. On the off chance that you are a fanatic of PUBG Mobile, you should download and utilize this app. You don't think a lot about Android and don't have a clue how to install apps with APK documents, isn't that right? Try not to be concerned! We will support you. You simply need to follow the means underneath: 

#1: First, you have to ensure that your device has empowered the installation of an APK document from an obscure source. Of course, this feature is constantly incapacitated on all devices. 

#2: To do this, you have to go to Settings> Security. Look down and search for the "Obscure Sources" alternative to turn it on. 

#3: Next, download the PUBG Gfx + Tool.APK record we provided toward the finish of this article. You ought to recollect the area where you spared it. 

#4: Open "Document Manager" from your device, explore to the area where the record spared, tap on it to begin the installation. 

As referenced, PUBG Gfx Plus Tool is a paid app on Play Store. You have to get it to utilize it. However, right now, can download and install it totally free through the APK document we provide beneath. The app is lightweight with just 1M, good with Android 4.0 or higher and doesn't require Root device. 

#5: The installation will take around 10-15s. You simply hang tight for finishing. Congrats on effectively installing the PUBG Gfx + Tool on your device! Presently, the App symbol has appeared at App Draws that you can open it and begin making custom PUBG Mobile. 

Note: PUBG Gfx + Tool does not require Root device. You can install it on all Root and unRoot devices. You need to install PUBG Mobile Official before using PUBG Gfx + Tool.

As often as possible Asked Questions 

  • This app is meant for PUBG Mobile game only.
  • If graphics is not applied, Restore setting or Reboot Phone.
  • If stuck on the game logo, Reboot Phone.
  • Use of PUBG Gfx+ tool DOES NOT leads to BAN unless game developer notice suspicious activity from your device i.e. using script/mods/illegal plugins to cheat game engine/server.
  • If Server timeout (not working), Check your internet connection and try repair option in the game.
  • For phone heating issue, lower the FPS setting.
  • Use PUBG Gfx+ launcher widget by long press on your home screen and select widget.
  • For any app related issue, Please use the Feedback/Bug Report option for quick assistance.

Android discontinuity makes game publishers a cerebral pain when they need to improve the game for carrying their game to each device. PUBG Mobile is no exemption. This game requires a significant high-end device. In spite of the fact that it permits the player to pick the degree of graphics, PUBG still has numerous problems with smoothness, FPS, Loss of sound … PUBG Gfx Plus Tool was conceived for you to tackle this. The app brings numerous customizations that permit clients to change the game's graphical arrangement, and advanced features additionally make the game smoother on low-end devices. 

This article provides all the data we think about the PUBG Gfx + Tool. We trust that you have downloaded and installed the PUBG Gfx + Tool on your device with no trouble. On the off chance that you have any inquiries in regards to this subject, if it's not too much trouble leave a remark beneath.

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